Sponsorship Opportunities

For larger financial sponsors, there are  three different tiers of sponsorship available. Which can include your business logo on the bike, leathers, pit walling, website, media releases, a framed poster and much more! Packages starting from $1000 (£500). Motorsport sponsorship is tax deductible as an advertising expense, and our races in England have crowds of 30,000 plus, and are televised live in 17 countries, including Australia and the UK. If you would like to know more, or become a sponsor, please get in touch with me and we can discuss more about what we could do as a partnership for the 2021 race season.


Sponsorship Advantages


Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3

Your business name and logo on all official press releases sent out to mailing list      
Your business name and logo on levidayracing.com under sponsorship section      
2021 Levi Day Racing Calendar      
A signed and framed poster       
Levi Day Racing T-shirt      
Your business logo on my helmet      
Your business information in Levi Day Coaching Booklets, which are given out to all coaching clients in Australia and the UK. A great promotional tool for your business      
Business logo on race bike, leathers, pit walling and promotional posters      
Individually thanked in press releases      
Tickets available for each BSB round, or if from Australia, you will receive a coaching day at one of Levi's events, which can be used for you or given as a gift to a friend    
Business logo with more prominent placement on race bike, leathers, pit walling and website    
A glass boxed helmet as used by Levi during the season    

A tour of BSB with your tickets that you will receive. We will meet up with you and give you a tour of the race team. This will include lunch also. A great inside look as to what a racer does through a race weekend.


Personalised options of sponsorship are agreeable for Tier 3 sponsors. It could be from things like having Levi to coach a group of your clients at a track day, to attend an event with the bike for promotional purposes. We are open to discussion on what you would like as a sponsor.