Superstock 1000 opportunity

Superstock 1000 opportunity

It was a hard decision to cut the season short in British Supersport this year. The budget to find to be anywhere near competitive was unachievable for us, that we couldn't continue with what we had. I've been working hard in all avenues to look at different options, and to ensure that if something did come up, I would be as best prepared as possible. I want to continue racing, I wake up every day wanting to ride a motorbike and the passion is as strong as ever.


I'm fortunate to have been given an opportunity to compete in the final two rounds of the British Superstock 1000 Championship with Morello Racing, on a Kawasaki ZX10. I'm really excited to give my all on a new machine, which I don't have a lot of experience on, but this will be great to see what the championship is like for next season. I feel the team have a lot of experience to help guide me in a good direction to improve me as a rider and to adapt to the 1000cc machine. The first race for me on it, is this weekend, the 16-18 of September at Donington Park.


The Superstock 1000 Championship is a more cost effective class compared to Supersport. My family help me out with my racing, along with my own money, which I am fully prepared to put in what I can from working here in England and back in Australia. My sponsors and supporters that have backed me, contribute largely to the funding, and without the contribution from all these different areas, I wouldn't be able to continue racing. I hope that given this opportunity, I will be able to secure the required funding to compete in the Superstock 1000 Championship in 2017.


I am really excited about throwing my leg over the 1000 at Donington this weekend and giving it everything!


Thank you for the support and thank you to Morello Racing and Steve Buckenham for this opportunity.


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