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2024 Coaching Events


We started On Track Rider Training in 2014. Between myself (Levi Day) and some friends who are top level Racers and Coaches, we wanted to help all levels of riders in their track riding journey. From road riders, to advanced racers, we have the necessary skills to help develop your riding. All coaches are Level 1 or 2 Motorcycling Australia Coaches and all events in Australia are run under Motorcycling Australia Permits. All the coaches involved have not only coached for "On Track Rider Training" They have coached at various different coaching clinics around the world, and raced at different National and World Championship events and series. 

We all have such a passion for seeing riders improve in a controlled environment and sharing our knowledge with like minded people who want to enjoy the thrills of riding a motorcycle on track.

When I started racing 125's at 15, there was very little help about, and I soon realised that by having an experienced rider help you understand your riding, you could progress much further than would be possible without that help. This is the entire reason I offer to coach other riders. I know first hand how valuable it can be, and personally, I feel that the money spent on improving your riding with a coach, is money better spent, than on all the trick bits for a bike. While racing in British Championships, and World Endurance, I had an ex racer by my side through race weekends, watching my riding and helping out by pointing out things I may not fully understand while i'm giving 100% of my focus on track.

We offer coaching events in Australia where we organise and run the entire event. In the UK/Europe I also coach on other events where I can coach 1 on 1 or small groups of riders at track days.

These events offer coaching for all levels of riders, from road riders looking to get on track for the first time or just to build confidence, to the experienced racer, looking for those small marginal gains, we have something to offer for everyone!

There is more detail on the separate pages below. You can book online for the Mac Park and Baskerville Events, or use the contact information to get in touch about a UK/EU coaching day.

Feel free to get in touch via [email protected] if you cannot find the information here you are looking for, and we hope to see you on track soon!


Mac Park - January 5-6-7 - NOW SOLD OUT! With Levi Day, David Johnson and Ty Lynch (Open Pitlane Event)

Available Dates

Mac Park - January 10-11-12-13-14 - With Levi Day, Joel Kelso (10-11-12) and Billy McConnell (12-13-14) Junior and Senior Event!

Available Dates

Mac Park - January 19-20-21 - With Levi Day, David Johnson and Ty Lynch (Open Pitlane Event!)

Available Dates

Mac Park - January 26th and 28th (With a Mac Park Ride Day on the 27th) With Levi Day and Declan Carberry

Available Dates

Mac Park - February 2-3-4 - With With Levi Day, David Johnson and Ty Lynch

Available Dates

UK/EU coaching

Coaching available in the UK and Europe from 1 on 1, to small groups

Available Dates