UK/EU coaching

Coaching is available in the UK and Europe. I am based in England most of the year and the UK track day companies run various days in Europe that I am also available for. Please contact me for a price.

Pricing Factors

The cost of the track day that we book on to.
The travelling costs to get to the track.
We can arrange 1 on 1, 1 on 2 or small group coaching depending on circumstances, for example a European track day event running over 2-3 days, I could work with you and two friends (possibly more) and the costs would then be divided between you all.

Having you and a friend do it together will help lower costs, but be aware you will not get as much out of the day, having to spread the time between two riders.

As an instructor I am there to help you improve. This could be from a road rider wanting to build their confidence, to a racer, looking to push their limits and find those extra few tenths around the track. Coaching is something that isn't often talked about between racers. It is an edge that they want to keep to themselves. It is also sometimes difficult to take honest criticism on your riding. But if you think you are 'on the limit' but a coach can see you can improve, then surely that is what you want. A racer always wants to be improving, always moving forward. You should never be think that a certain lap time is the fastest you can go.

There is so much going on when you're out on track, that to analyse your own riding and understand what your doing wrong and what you can do to improve, is extremely difficult. To have a coach watch what you're doing in action, speeds the progression of improvement so much, as it allows lessons to be learnt in real time, and once back in the pits in between each session.

Riders are happy to pay (maybe they aren't happy about it, but they still do it) a suspension guru to tweak their bike, or an engine tuner to get those extra few ponies out of the motor. This is all well and good and it is worth the money, but it is often assumed that the actual riding part is natural, and you progress at your own speed. That couldn't be further from the truth.


Your coaching experience with me, will go something like this

Before the event, I want to get an understanding of where you're at as a rider, to know as much as possible about you. This is to help understand what you want out of the day and some area's we may need to look at (For example, 'I have trouble under brakes, or carrying corner speed' Could be two things you feel you could improve)
On the day, we will go through a track map, talking about each corner and what to look for out there.
The first session is for me to see you on the bike. I run a camera on the front and rear of the bike, so you will always be filmed, which we watch back and anaylse after each session.
We then assess your riding and what we want to work on in the next session
In session 2 it could be that you now follow me and I show you some lines on corners you are having trouble with, or correct body position technique and so on.
We analyse the GoPro footage after each session and every coaching day is different, because every rider is different. After each session we will be looking at what we want to work on next, it cannot be a set structure before the day, because we do not know how you are going to improve until we are there.
At the end of the day you will receive an information booklet and a detailed run through of what we worked through for the day. The booklet includes a blank track map of the track we ride, and also a blank set up sheet. These are for you to take away to use next time you are on track. It also provides a basic run through of things like tire pressure, tire wear, suspension, basic training ideas for motorcycling, to give you a little more info on all these areas that play a part in improving your track riding experience.

Please get in touch here if you would like to book a coaching day.